Coronavirus Actions

I have written of these in other posts, but here is a consolidated, tweetable list for numbered reference.

Action 1: Form #Coronavirus Action Team: 3-5 GOVERNORS (small fast group) to coordinate action NATIONALLY w/ tiger team of experts & ACCURATE briefings every 4hrs. @NYGovCuomo lead? #COVID19

Action 2: Form #Coronavirus tiger team of experts (sponsored by 3-5 GOVERNORS), for EFFECTIVE #COVID19 battle plan. @BillGates lead? In epidemiology for years w/ Gates Foundation. #COVID19

Action 3: #Crowdsource ideas & action, supervised by qualified experts. Millions are idle & want to help! More on safe back-to-work action plan: #Coronavirus #COVID19


Action 4: Mobilize emergency production of #Coronavirus-related equipment, supplies, masks & temp hospitals. Use DPA! #COVID19

Action 5: #Coronavirus public works program. Millions are out of work & could help with testing, contact tracing, sanitizing, manufacturing masks and equipment, etc. #COVID19

Action 6: Proactive mass testing: Test millions NOW to detect silent spreaders & identify hot spots. Allows isolation/lockdowns to be SELECTIVE: others can return to work/life. #Coronavirus #COVID19

Action 7: Test front-line workers DAILY, incl police, bus drivers, cashiers, clinicians: anyone exposed to public. #Coronavirus #COVID19

Action 8: Test EVERYONE in hot-spot areas, even door-to-door, w proactive MASS testing. #Coronavirus #COVID19

Action 9: Improve testing tech: easier, safer, faster, more widely used is BETTER than more precise, eg home nasal swab awaiting FDA. #Coronavirus #COVID19

10. Require uniform, county-level case reporting, in a standard machine-processable CSV format, at a stable URL for each state, and automatically aggregated at the national level in real time. This would be very easy to do, just by supplying a CSV template for each state. See An Action Plan for the Coronavirus Disaster.

11. Do rapid, comprehensive contact tracing, perhaps even second generation, i.e., all contacts of the patient’s contacts. This involves lots of human labor — China used over 1800 teams of 5 in Wuhan alone — but we cannot be stingy about it. This work should done by trained volunteers and others — not by doctors and nurses who are urgently needed on the front lines of treatment. We should also use technology to help — provided that privacy considerations are appropriately considered. For example, an open source privacy-respecting app could be developed, along the lines of Singapore’s Trace Together. See An Action Plan for the Coronavirus Disaster.

12. Use selective isolation. Selectively quarantine individuals, or lock down local areas, that have a known or estimated infection risk exceeding a threshold set by epidemiologists using best available risk assessment measures. This applies both to individuals who may be infected, and to areas where outbreaks occur. Proactive mass testing and comprehensive contact tracing enable these measures to be applied intelligently, to minimize disruption. See An Action Plan for the Coronavirus Disaster.